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اسان جي ويب سائيٽ تي ڀلي ڪري آيا
ShenZhen SYM اليڪٽرانڪس ڪمپنيء، ل 2006. ۾ ٺهرايو Connectors، تار harnesses، ڪيبل اسيمبليء جي هڪ وسيع قسم جي ور حسب تي وڏي شهرت ڊي.

پوء ڇو SYM اليڪٽرانڪس

اسان جي پروڊڪٽس اپليڪيشن جو هڪ وسيع سلسلو آهي
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    Our products have good quality and credit to let us establish win-win cooperation with many countries.
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    ان جي قبل از وڪري آهي يا پوء-سيلز ته ڇا، اسان کي بهترين سروس توهان کي خبر ڏين ۽ اسان جي شين کان وڌيڪ تڪڙو استعمال ڪرڻ سان توهان مهيا ڪندو.
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    OEM / ODM

    Over 12 years OEM / ODM experience. Give us your ideas, we achieve your design accurately.

اسان جي باري ۾

            Shenzhen SYM electronics,established in April of 2006,specializes in operating businesses of Board to Board PCB connectors, Wire-to-board connectors,Power connectors,Terminal blocks,RJ11 and RJ45 connectors,D-sub/DVI connectors,USB connectors;USB/VGA/DVI data cable for mobile phone,computer,printer,projector,etc.;Customized wire harness and cable assembly and offer Wire to Wire Harness,Electronic Wire Harness, Home Appliance Wire Harness,Computer Wire Harness,ATX Wire Harness,Power Wire Harness,Electrical Wire Harness,Industrial Wire Harness, Electro-Mechanical Wire Harness,Medical Equipment Wire Harnesses,Power Supply Wire Harness,Battery Wire Harness,Passive Component-to-Wire Assembly,Multi Conductor Wire Harness,CableHarness,OEM/ODM Wire Harness,Custom-Designed Wire Harness etc.
            Since its foundation,the company sticks to the production of specialization and tries its best to supply precise and reliable connector and wire harness products,form the develop,design and manufacture of metal terminal and plastic molds to the precision hight-speed punch molding,precise plastic injection molding and automatic assembly,that have a skilled R&D and management team.


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    اسان جي پروڊڪٽس يا pricelist جي باري ۾ جاچ لاء، اسان کي توهان جي اي ميل ڇڏي ڪريو ۽ اسان کي رابطي ۾ 24 ڪلاڪن اندر ٿي ويندو.