How to distinguish terminal quality

The quality of terminal depends directly on its design, material selection and process. We must pay attention to careful resolution when purchasing terminals, because the failure of each terminal will lead to the failure of the whole system, especially the system engineering of large current and large function. The painful lesson in this respect in China is very profound. Therefore, small editor in the following to teach you some ways to distinguish the quality of terminals.

I. Appearance

From the appearance of the terminal to distinguish the quality of the terminal :

1, look at the outer layer of the terminal electroplating: in general, the appearance of inferior products tin coating will be very bright, this is because of the addition of brightener more reasons, this time affect the wear resistance of tin coating. If observed under a microscope of about 10 times, it will be found that some inferior products have uneven coating, rough coating, impurity attachment or water pollution.

2. see the stamping appearance of the terminal: inferior products in order to reduce the cost of stamping die repair, plus spare parts replacement frequency. So the appearance of the terminal under the microscope observation, often burr, stamping chamfer too large, edge angle too smooth. However, due to the poor ductility of copper materials used in inferior products, small cracks occur in bending parts under microscope more than 10 times.

II. Looking at logo

The AMP terminal will mark “AMP” or” TYCO” on the shell, and the AMP mark will have certain specifications. Except for terminals produced in the United States, all products are LOGO with symbols such as “-”, which correspond to the origin of the label.

III. Packaging

Packaging mainly depends on the terminal packaging and packaging: mainly look at the terminal packaging label and terminal packaging freight circulation signs.

IV. Performance

The main methods of testing performance are: durability test, smoke test, contact resistance, impact test, solderability test, porosity test, salt spray test and so on.

V. Looking at the purchasing channels

The simplest way to distinguish the origin of the terminal from the purchase channel.

VI. Looking at material

The comparison between good goods and bad goods from materials is a way of higher cost. For example, insulating materials are very important for the safety of switch sockets, but it is difficult for ordinary consumers to judge. If you can do a combustion experiment on its core components, it is best to buy them. Poor material in the hands is very light, no pressure feeling, easy to scratch. Good materials are generally hard, difficult to scratch, tight structure after molding, and heavy weight. Good resin material, with flame retardant, arc resistance, heat resistance, hard characteristics.

VII. Price

It can be judged from the price that his price is lower than all the prices in the market, that goes without saying. When purchasing terminals, buyers should not only read the data manual, but also understand how the product function data listed in the manual are tested and determined, and how to distinguish the quality of the terminals in many ways. In order to select a more cost-effective terminal.

Post time: Sep-25-2020