How To Choose The Right Custom Cable Assembly

Almost everyone in the United States will come into contact with a cable assembly, whether they realize it or not. Many of those same people will then find themselves having to purchase a customized assembly. If you are a first-time purchaser, then you may be uncertain as to the process. There are numerous great tips out there to aid you in your search for a company that assembles cables:
1.Communication skills matter.
This may surprise some customers, but engineering and manufacturing skills are not the only facets of cable production. A company’s customer service department matters greatly in the field of customized cable assembly. Every industry is different, and every household is unique. The success and efficiency of a cable assembly is necessarily dependent upon whether the manufacturer heard and understood what you had to say. So request a representative to meet with you personally to determine your plan.
2.Ask to see a client list.
Experience is key, as faulty cable systems could cause immeasurable damage and potentially raise an issue of safety. Additionally, to ensure efficiency, you will want to know whether the company has worked with similarly situated clients. To gauge a company’s experience, look to past clients. Not all companies have this available, due to privacy issues. But it never hurts to ask.
3.Have sketches ready.
Along the same lines of the theme of communication, it is best for you to come prepared. You should know where you want to install your cables, why, and what function they will serve. Bring any kind of paperwork you have that may help you communicate your needs to your representative. Remember to put down any questions you may have beforehand.
4.Do not ignore the certifications of a company.
In many industries, certifications do not hold much significance. This is not the case in the electronic world. Certifications like the CSA International and the UL Registration indicate an ability to maintain industry regulation standards and comply with updated training processes. This is crucial, as it means a company is more likely to be efficient and safe.
5.Be familiar with the environment in which you will place your cable assembly.
The environment in which you will connect your cables determines the construction and materials involved in your customized assembly. Hotter climates and exposure to sunlight demand that wires be encased in heat-resistant insulation. Other potential problems include contact with saltwater, the risk of water damage and vibration and shock exposure. Sometimes you will have multiple environmental factors present. It is important that you be able to share this with the company.
6.Tour the facilities.
When searching for a company to manufacture your cable assembly, you should ensure that the company maintains facilities that are large enough to accommodate the process of cable production. Ask about outsourcing, as this can be a way for the company to save money by producing standard pieces elsewhere while saving customized parts for in-house.
7.View the product list.
Finally, ask to see a list of the types of products the company manufacturers. This is a simple but important tip. Often you can gain a feel for a company’s proficiency in a product just by reviewing items they have made in the past.

Post time: Jul-18-2019