How can cable enterprises reduce costs?

“Product cost” is one of the four advantages of enterprise competition and an important link in enterprise development. As a non-dominant cable industry, with the increasing competition in the market, the profit space is getting smaller and smaller, which is a very serious problem in front of us. How we win the competition, how to minimize the cost and win the maximum profit is the urgent task in the present situation. We must start with saving product cost, reducing energy consumption, increasing income and reducing expenditure, and producing high quality products at the lowest cost.

I. Procurement aspects of raw materials

Wire and cable raw materials are mainly copper, aluminum, all kinds of plastic, rubber and other materials, how do we get a certain advantage in procurement? In the procurement of raw materials, we should use three goods comparison, through specific communication, select high performance, the lowest price of raw materials suppliers. On the premise that the properties of raw materials must meet the requirements, the lowest price materials are selected to make them really good and cheap.

The purchase of raw materials should be purchased according to the needs of production, not blindly, the quantity of raw materials purchased is not enough, affecting the progress of production, ultimately affecting the delivery date of products, causing adverse effects on the image of the enterprise.

II. Technological aspects

To save costs, process technology is also an important aspect. First of all, as a process and technical department, we must design and develop the most reasonable wire and cable structure, which requires our technical department personnel to have a clear understanding and understanding of the raw materials, process routes and performance of wire and cable.

III. Production operations

The production department is the manufacturing department of the product, the worker’s consciousness, the operation skill will affect the efficiency enhancement, then the cost increases relatively, the profit drops, then the employee’s income will also be less. Most employees now have no sense of cost, no awareness of the importance of cost management. If the workshop cost management is not carried out, the work of the staff will be loose, the consciousness will not be strong, the efficiency will be low, the waste will be more serious, the quality problem will be taken as a joke, many problems will not be considered, and the concept of cost has not been really set up. In order to establish this cost concept among employees, it must be clearly understood psychologically.

IV. Integrated management

The so-called integrated management is that the comprehensive management of the whole company, in order to save costs and reduce consumption, we must start from little by little, small to save a drop of water, once electricity. At present, from the whole cable industry, some employees’ sense of economy is very weak, think that this is not my business, do not waste white, save no one to give me reward, this is a performance of the quality of a person, I think no matter who should set up this sense of factory-based, because “strong workers “, only when the enterprise is strong and big, all employees can benefit and get rich income.

If this concept of economy is to be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, it is necessary not only to educate and improve ideologically, but also to restrain discipline, formulate corresponding rules and regulations, and implement the examination system. After the establishment and perfection of the system, it is necessary to carry out, implement, and establish a supervisory mechanism to make the system come true. If the system becomes an empty provision and decoration, it will not work, on the contrary, it will bring a very bad impact to the enterprise and hinder the rapid development of the enterprise.

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Post time: Sep-02-2020