Connector production process

Connectors are made from plastic and metal, it has four stage of production: stamping, plating, mouding and assembly

1. Stamping. Connector is started from stamping, the terminal or contact is stamped(machined) by the high velocity ram machine

2. Plating. When the terminal or contact is shaped, it will turn to the plating house, for protection, solder and electrical conductivity.

3. Mouding. At this stage the insulator or base is short by the machine, and shaped by design. The material includes PBT, PA6T, LCP and so on.

4. Assembly. The contact and insulator are formed together, turn into a whole finished productor-connector.

At last, the connector is tested at each stage, to keep its performance and quality. SYM Electronics Co., Ltd. commitment is: provide good connector, connect the world.

Post time: Dec-10-2019