Choosing the right sheath material is the key to creating a more robust custom cable assembly.

Key to Cable Components

sheathing material is one of many functions of custom cable, you should discuss with cable assembly manufacturer. As the first line of defense against a variety of conditions, including heat, moisture and chemical drugs, the sheath material you choose can make durable custom cables different from those that should have failed long ago. by working with the cable assembly manufacturer covering three points to ensure that the finished cable fully meets your needs.

Physical requirements discussed with manufacturer of cable assemblies

What is your cable connection? Do parts need to move around or usually still? Does the cable need to be stretched? Does it need to resist tears and bruises? These are just a few questions that may be raised when discussing the physical requirements of the cable with the manufacturer of the cable assembly. After finding the answer, they can weigh the positive and negative characteristics of different sheath materials to choose the one that best suits your cable specifications. For example, the polyurethane sheath has a good elastic memory, making it a reliable choice for coil soft wires and cables that require greater flexibility. but if need to handle the cable easily, it is not a good choice.

Environmental conditions

In addition to basic physical requirements, cables need to be able to work under certain environmental conditions. These environmental requirements may include heat resistance, fire resistance, chemical corrosion resistance and water resistance, and even stability within a certain temperature range. In most cases, there are enough sheathing options to fine tune according to the specific conditions of your installation environment. we can even add sheaths made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that can be made of uv resistant or almost as flexible as thermoplastic polyester.

Cable appearance

Although the appearance of a cable may not change its electrical or mechanical properties, the appearance is usually more than a simple appearance. Even a simple method like using a specific color sheath can improve the safety of the final product because it helps to better distinguish ​​ final product from other cables. Sheaths can also be designed to match the overall design aesthetics of the equipment manufacturer, which can help users retain the correct cable using the correct equipment.

according to your need, the surface treatment can be matte or glossy. In some cases, the matt finish can make the cable easier to hold, which is useful for installation and handling under certain conditions. For medical equipment, it is also required that cables may be in contact with the skin, including cleaning, disinfection and sterilization, which may determine the characteristics of the sheath.


Sheathing material is one of the many functions that cable assembly manufacturers can customize to meet your specific needs. Using all available options, in-depth discussions with experienced design teams are important to ensure they have all the information needed to select the right cable material. contact Meridian Cable when preparing to start using custom cables. our team is looking forward to answering your questions.

Post time: Sep-15-2020