China’s connector industry market new characteristics

In today’s connector industry, domestic and international well-known brands also do not have fresh blood, industry insiders learn to know. The biggest demand is for Anen, Molex and Omron connectors. The average customer, when in need, has already decided which brand of connector to want, the next problem is just to choose a suitable supplier. Domestic connector brands to achieve a great degree of popularity and influence, the development of agents is the only way, which brand agents do well, the brand’s influence will be greatly increased. Therefore, the competition in the connector industry has shifted from the competition among connector manufacturers to the competition among connector agents.


Currently, the connectors manufacturing agents in China mainly include Anen connector agents, Molex connector agents, Omron connector agents, Amphenol connector agents, etc. Dongguan is the most prosperous connector manufacturer in China.
At present, in the connector industry, especially in the era of rapid development of network marketing, e-commerce to a certain extent has become the main trend of the development of the connector industry, but the connector online transactions have been further developed.
Connector industry will further the development of the Internet era, but the network is a complex of “big market”, is engaged in the connector on the network procurement staff will have a common features — “trouble”, this is inevitable outcome due to the popularity of the network, so the connector agent can truly grasp the network customers in the future, will be able to lead into the connector Internet age.

Post time: Aug-10-2020