• What’S The Difference Between A Cable Assembly And A Wire Harness?

    Posted by Bob LeGere on Mon , March 19, 2018 When sourcing electrical components for product development, you’ll often see the terms “cable assembly” and “wire harness” used interchangeably. People also mistakenly use the terms “cable” and “wire” synonymously. But in truth, these components could...
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  • $120 Billion Automotive Wiring Harness Market – Global Forecast to 2025

    The automotive wiring harness market is estimated to be USD 81.17 Billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 120.69 Billion by 2025, at a CAGR of 5.83% from 2018 to 2025. The key growth drivers for the market are the rise in vehicle production and sales, trend of integrating advanced features ...
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  • Cable & Wiring Harnesses

    Cable & Wiring Harnesses

    Cable & Wiring Harnesses Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable is proud to offer a wide selection of robust, top-quality cable and wiring harnesses. Designed to organize and streamline multi-wire systems in aerospace, automotive, medicine, telecommunications, commercial buildings, and even...
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  • Wire Harness Assembly: How Does It Work?

    There are wire bindings all around you. From the ones running inside your computer or television set, to under the hood of your car. To put it in its most basic terms, a circuit of wires is a collection of cables or wires attached in specific ways to transmit electrical signals and powers. If you...
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  • How To Choose The Right Custom Cable Assembly

    Almost everyone in the United States will come into contact with a cable assembly, whether they realize it or not. Many of those same people will then find themselves having to purchase a customized assembly. If you are a first-time purchaser, then you may be uncertain as to the process. There ar...
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  • Types of Wire Terminals When Building a Wire Harness

    Types of Wire Terminals When Building a Wire Harness

    In a previous blog post, we light-heartedly declared ourselves as experts in matchmaking wires with wire terminals. Especially since we have been building wire harness assemblies for over 30 years. We had fun with that blog post and thought it would be helpful to dig deeper into the various Types...
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  • What are the differences between DSub and VGA cables?

    What are the differences between DSub and VGA cables?

    Many people confuse the connector name for the signal name, and this is such an example. Tim Elliot’s answer can easily be conflated as one such example as well, while Tobias Kommerell is more precise and correct. D-sub 15 is the connector name and could technically be used for other signal...
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  • The Difference between FFC and FPC

    The Difference between FFC and FPC

    Do you have questions to clarify these two: FFC and FPC? When I see pictures of both, why they are so similar? How can we tell the difference? Today let us discuss this from two aspects: definition and application. Hope this simple article can help you learn something about FFC and FPC. 1.FFC FFC...
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  • USB Types: Various Types of USB Cables (A, B and C) and Their Differences

    USB Types: Various Types of USB Cables (A, B and C) and Their Differences

    Based on physical design of the plugs and ports the three different types of USB cable are: ●USB Type A ●USB Type B ●USB Type C Based on the functionality of USB connectors there are also two different versions of USB: ●USB 2.0 ●USB 3.0 It has become almost impossible to imagine the modern landsc...
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  • What is a PCB Connector?

    What is a PCB Connector?

    A ‘PCB’ or Printed Circuit Board connects electrical components on a conductive track or between pads on the board. Some devices hold more than one PCB and will utilise a variety of equipment to build a connection between the boards. PCB connectors are mounted on the PCB and are typically used to...
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